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Simplifying the world of digital advertising in a way everyone can appreciate.

Our Know Company companies work directly with agencies, advertisers and brands to revolutionize the way our clients leverage the extraordinary world of digital advertising.

We seek to make meaningful impacts through the reach of our Tech, Operating and Investing companies. Driven by creativity, our tech companies continue to establish uncharted innovations in the ad tech space. With expert ad campaign management and best-in-class platform licensing, our operating companies set the standard for excellence, while our investment companies are dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of businesses with big ideas across the advertising industry. In all we do, we aim to help our vendors, partners, and clients reach new heights of success.


Imaginative proprietary technology to revolutionize the way you run your digital ad campaigns.

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Adtech & Development

Inspired Advertising Tech.

Knower Tech bridges the gaps in the digital advertising market with inventive tech. Heading the ideation and in-house development of proprietary tech, we build tools aligned to help advertisers execute campaigns with agility.

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Advertising Audiences

Advertise to your perfect audience.

RainBarrel is a cookieless, privacy-compliant audience graph that helps advertisers interact with their best-fit customers. Developed by media buyers, for media buyers, RainBarrel is modernizing the audience data industry, providing clients with access to transparent, verifiable and privacy compliant audiences while leveraging an attractive reach in the market.

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Automated Ad Creation

Ad’s Best Friend.

AdRetriever helps streamline the creation of ecommerce campaigns, by automatically generating and updating dynamic online ads to reflect your website’s offerings. With seamless integration to your favourite ad serving platforms, AdRetriever makes it simple to manage your campaigns all in one place, saving your team time and resources at the click of a button.

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Search Automation

Search made simple.

RoverWords automates the creation and maintenance of your search campaigns, using Machine Learning to generate extensive keywords from your website. Learning and evolving with your site, RoverWords is your ultimate search tool—save time and resources with enhanced optimization, increased performance, and run high-capacity campaigns in minutes.


Transformative digital advertising expertise with access to industry leading tools and platforms.

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Ad Platform Licensing

Dream bigger with data.

Dandelion is a digital transformation and licensing Partner for Google, Amazon, Xandr, and The TradeDesk marketing platforms, as well as other ad tech tools. Focused on enhancing clients’ digital marketing maturity, Dandelion delivers strategies that blend platform licensing, consulting, advanced analytics and marketing technology solutions that are unparalleled in the industry.

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Fulfillment Ad Services

Know Digital, Love Advertising.

LoKnow works alongside you, or in the background, to create impactful digital advertising campaigns. We go above and beyond ordinary media buying, with skill, process, and layers of augmenting technology to build and optimize high-performance campaigns. With only top platforms and access to exclusive technology, we create custom campaigns specific to your needs to help you know digital and love advertising.


Sustainable growth and innovation through investment partnerships and concept ideation.

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Investment Partnerships

Building Your Business, Together.

Independent Knowledge Partner Network (IKPN) is dedicated to helping their partners reach their goals. With a focus on minority investments, IKPN aims to support their network partners, helping them to reach their goals, and connecting them with other partners who hold access to the tech, tools, and talent to challenge their competitors.

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Idea Box

All Things Considered.

Know Labs is an incubator for cultivating original ideas into commercially valuable concepts. Its main purpose is creating the most liberating space possible to explore, evaluate, and nurture new concepts to fruition. Serving markets across the world, Know Labs acts as a catalyst to bring curated ideas to life.

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