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Be part of a team that’s always growing and exploring together.

At Know Company, we put people first and embrace the human elements of working together.

We’re naturally inquisitive, and exploration is key in helping us evolve organically. We empower our Knowers to embrace continuous learning, hone their skills, and find ways to make an impact, knowing that when people feel valued, they can achieve incredible feats. Join us as we redefine the digital advertising landscape, one step at a time.

At the core of how we work, we prioritize our people first.

We offer flexible working, opportunities for growth, and additional benefits available for Canadian employees to access and enjoy.

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Unlimited Vacation

Our unlimited paid vacation policy lets our team know they can take an extra break when they need it.

Move between our locations

Need to relocate? Work out of any city with a Know Company office, or pay a visit to an office in a city near you.

Hybrid Work

The Knower experience transcends your typical desk and chair. Work from home or the office as inspiration strikes.

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RRSP Matching

We proudly offer RRSP matching — for every percentage employees contribute to their RRSP, we’ll match.

Health and Dental

Choose a benefit plan right for you. Enjoy comprehensive benefits for health, dental, vision, prescriptions, and more.

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Profit Sharing Opportunities

Knowers collectively share in our successes twice a year with our profit share program. When we win, you should too.

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Learning and Development

Innovations can change overnight. We help our Knowers stay up to date on the latest skills and certifications.

Work from Anywhere

For up to 4 weeks at a time, work from anywhere in the world with tailored work hours to overlap with your team where needed.

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Knower Capital Shares

At Know Company, employees and shareholders are one and the same. All Knowers are empowered with ownership of shares at Know Company.

Ready to make waves in the digital advertising world?

Together, we’re helping everyone learn to navigate and love the extraordinary world of digital advertising. Join us for the ride.

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