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We’re reimagining the world of digital advertising.

Know Company is a collective passionate about deciphering the intricacies of the digital advertising world.

Know Company is home to inspired companies across the digital advertising industry. Operating independently, our companies share unified values, a common vision, and collective expertise navigating the digital advertising ecosystem.

Our vision is for everyone to access, benefit from, and love the vast world of digital advertising. We pride ourselves on learning organically, growing sustainably, and working intentionally. At the core of how we work, our guiding principle is to prioritize our people first — shaping how we interact with our vendors, clients and partners. We believe in the power of people, knowing that when we’re entrusted with our own areas of expertise, we achieve exceptional things together.

Our values shape how we interact with our people, vendors, clients and partners.

At the core of our values, we prioritize trust — something that is built both ways. We hold trust in our people, and partners as experts in their unique fields. These values are shaped by our own people — created collectively. You’ll encounter them on a daily basis, at every stage you interact with us. 

Through living these values, we aspire to be exceptionally good at what we do.

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Empowering & Autonomous

In all positions, we allow each other to excel independently in our own domains. We’re eager to hone our crafts quickly, and entrust others with the space to do so. We continue to expand our knowledge and look for ways to make an impact

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Supportive & Accountable

Everyone has a part to play in our collective wins. When we complete our work with pride and care, we support our peers to do the same. We’re accountable to each other — helping where we can, speaking up where we can, and taking care of what’s in our hands.

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Flexible & Fun

We’re not attached to rigid ways of working. We understand that flexibility means different things to different people, and leave room for others to do what makes sense for them. We have fun with our everyday interactions — we show up to work as ourselves, and are likely to have a few laughs before diving into business.

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Curious & Progressive

Curiosity is something we share — we’re eager to learn, create, and discover things firsthand. We’re naturally inquisitive, and exploration is a key part of what helps us evolve. We put what we learn to the test, and refine our process with ongoing experimentation.

Compassionate & Honest

We are people first, and embrace the human elements of working together. We show each other honesty with empathy, and compassion with sincerity. We hold respect above all, which means we don’t shy away from challenges brought to our attention. We seek to listen and understand, and create a space where Knowers and those we work with feel heard.

Our Story

Our shared values allow us to support our people and businesses, and empower those we work with.

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Vikram Seth

CEO & Founder,
Know Company

At the helm of Know Company is Vikram Seth, a visionary constantly discovering new ways to break barriers as Know Company’s Founder and CEO. Now an established leader in the digital advertising and tech industry,. Recognizing the widespread need for a forerunner in new ways of targeted advertising, Vik found LoKnow – the first business that kicked off the Know Company umbrella of brands –  to be that industry leader. Vik’s experience goes back many years, having previously headed a national student advertising company known for servicing universities as far back as 2013. Today, Know Company has a diverse and broad client scope that continues to grow.

One of few to reach “inbox zero” every morning, Vik prides himself on leading by example. Between envisioning new tech products and steering them to where they can be the most effective, Vik is always thinking ahead. Leading this  ever expanding company, Vik’s love of learning keeps him energized – including tapping into new markets and understanding how best to enact the Know Company vision. A natural people-person, Vik’s passion for building connections and providing support is apparent, whether that’s being on top of new trends to keep clients up to date, or figuring out ways to maintain Know Company’s vibrant workplace culture.

Vik’s innate wonder for novelty keeps him well-read, well-watched and well-travelled. He finds balance between trying every new restaurant in Calgary and frequenting the same spot a million times! When he’s not in the office, you can find him reading the daily news, keeping up with new music, shows and movies. His insatiable pop culture appetite has him known as the go-to trivia buff inside the office and out.

Tyler Hanson

COO & President,
Know Company

Ensuring seamless operations is Chief Operating Officer and President, Tyler Hanson, a results-driven professional with a track record of optimizing processes and maximizing efficiency. Tyler  plays a pivotal role in aligning Know Company strategies with the ever-changing demands of the digital advertising ecosystem. A “Knower” since day one, Tyler served on the Board of Directors since the company’s founding before stepping into the role of President in 2020. An engineer and proud alumnus of the University of Alberta, Tyler volunteers his time serving on both the U of A Senate and the Alumni Council.

Tyler wishfully describes himself as a “senior millennial,” but his colleagues revere him as the office dad. True to his nurturing nature, Tyler is happiest tending to his garden or playing basketball with his kids. His go-to party trick? An uncanny ability to recite pi to 35 decimal places!

Stephanie McCabe

President of Knower Tech

Stephanie specializes in executive leadership, leading initiatives that have yielded tangible results. With a background in professional engineering, Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge from her time with the City of Edmonton, leading a number of transformational projects that have improved the livability and sustainability of Edmonton since 2002. In her current role, Stephanie leads a team of software developers and sales professionals to help make ad operations better so clients can scale their business or grow their reach. 

A member of the Stollery Foundation, Stephanie has a passion to help make children’s lives better. A true fan of the outdoors, in her spare time, you can catch Stephanie running, camping, swimming and skiing. When she’s not outside, chances are she’ll be whipping up a great meal or catching up on some great reads. 

Jenn Walters

President of Dandelion

An ambitious self-starter, Jenn joined the Dandelion team as employee number one in January 2018. Working through the challenges of building and growing a net new company from the ground up, guiding that same young company through a pandemic, and successfully navigating an acquisition, Jenn earned the role of President at Dandelion. With decades of media experience in the Toronto market, Jenn has spent considerable time at both independent full service agencies and global media agencies. Jenn is a staunch supporter of digital media buying platforms being accessible, comprehensible and transparent for all users. When she’s not focused on work, Jenn also shares her time with her community, volunteering as the Director of Events for South Muskoka Breakers Basketball and the Chairperson of the Board for Muskoka Arts & Crafts.

Ali Murji

President of LoKnow
With a background in Electrical Engineering and an additional project management designation, Ali brings over 17 years of experience overseeing and progressing teams. Focused on achieving and maintaining departmental excellence, Ali has a skillful hand in day-to-day leadership, including mentorship, professional development and quality assurance. He brings ample familiarity engaging with stakeholders, devoting his personal time on boards like Edmonton’s Ismaili Council, as well as the Aga Khan Foundation, where he acted as the Chairperson for the World Partnership Walk in 2019.

Lindsay Rutherford

President of IKPN

Originally from Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, Lindsay is an alumnus from the University of Saskatchewan where she focussed on Marketing. Since moving to Edmonton, Lindsay has spent the bulk of her career focussed on leadership and the human-centred side of business. Bringing experience from a number of industries, Lindsay has worked to stabilize teams, bringing strength in partnership and collaboration. Lindsay’s background in  recruiting, performance management, development, succession and employee engagement – helps ensure business owners feel valued. As the head of IKPN, Lindsay looks forward to bringing her seasoned perspective to her role to help business owners see tangible wins as they continue to do outstanding work.

Wielding a background in marketing and leadership, Lindsay’s niche includes working with the human-centred side of business. Bringing experience from a number of industries, she has worked to stabilize teams across numerous markets. Partnerships and collaboration ring true to Lindsay’s strengths, and her seasoned perspective is a welcome asset in her partnerships.

Kirk Duffee

Head of Know Labs

A proud alumnus of the University of Alberta, Kirk has been part of Know Company since its founding days, serving on the Board of Directors and lending his guidance to the executive team. With a focus on inbound relationships, Kirk plays an integral role connecting each part of the company, whether it be technology, new companies, people, or ideas. Holding a position on multiple committees, Kirk provides financial insight and supports the fostering of new ideas, while helping to incorporate them with Know Company’s values.

Hailey Piper

Financial Reporting Manager
Hailey excels in financial management, with industry experience spearheading impactful initiatives. With a Bachelor of Commerce and CPA designation, Hailey has four years articling in public accounting. Her proficiency extends across diverse accounting and finance domains, encompassing insurance reporting, credit union audits, and ERP system implementations. In her free hours, Hailey enjoys crafting, ballet, and taking care of her adopted kitten rescue.

Amber Dennis

Corporate Governance Specialist, EA to the COO
With an educational background in Legal and Human Resources, Amber brings a unique blend of skills honed across diverse industries, including oil & gas, legal and retail. Her comprehensive experience underscores an informed approach on corporate governance, ensuring meticulous familiarity and upkeep with regulations and policies. When she’s not hard at work, you’ll find Amber out for a run, listening to true crime podcasts, and catching up on quality family time.

Larissa Evans

EA to the CEO
Leveraging a background in film and video production, Larissa possesses a strong foundation in project management, with a keen attention to detail. Following her work in the production industry, Larissa has contributed to two award-winning projects for the National Film Board of Canada, and an independent series in children’s television. Larissa oversees and enriches our operations at Know Company with precision, creativity, and a highly attentive focus.

Anna Michele

People & Brand

Now the head of the People & Culture and Marketing & Brand departments for Know Company Inc., Anna originally started with the group of companies on LoKnow’s Strategy & Sales team in 2017. With a background in graphic design and communications, Anna has always had an interest in branding and marketing. As the company grew and evolved, Anna took on an additional role in People & Culture and found an instant passion and adoration for the people-centred work. Described as kind, empathetic, helpful and an inspired leader by her team, she is a guiding voice and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. A natural mentor, Anna has helped shape many of the things the team values most in Know Company culture today.

A lover of learning, Anna is an avid reader and has a hobby of trying new hobbies – the most recent of which are pottery and drumming! With 41 plants and counting, Anna’s green thumb has her plant companions flourishing under her care.

Anna holds two post-secondary diplomas, a BBA degree, and her CPHR designation.

Haley Truong

People & Culture

A skilled photographer and HR specialist, Haley has a talented eye and an eye for talent! Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and currently pursuing her CPHR designation, she is LoKnow’s point-person for seeking out new team members to contribute to our vibrant workplace culture. Haley loves getting to know great people and connecting them with great jobs. Now that’s a win-win! 

True to her personable nature, she’s very much the social butterfly in her off-time, too. Haley’s happiest while hanging out with friends, be it for a bite to eat, on a trek to the mountains, or while belting out the bangers at karaoke. Whatever the event, you can bet she’ll take plenty of photos to commemorate the occasion!

Amber Yeo

Senior Coordinator,
People & Culture

Do you like bad jokes and groan-worthy puns? Then Amber’s your gal! Formerly a hairdresser and adult educator, Amber was working towards an HR Management diploma when she was hired to join a marketing team. She dove head-first into the role and thrived, demonstrating her trademark creativity and organizational skills. She loves working as part of a team and is always ready to make a positive contribution, be it bringing delicious baking to the office or organizing a team-building scavenger hunt!

A self-described life-long learner, Amber’s hobbies are as varied as her career. Very artsy, she dabbles in freeform embroidery as well as pointillism, and is sure to hit up any local galleries or museums on her travels. Live music is her jam, with genres like folk, alternative, symphony or 80s new wave whetting her musical appetite. She’s also a proponent of community gardens, caring deeply about food security, access to nutrition, and fostering positive change and resiliency in our communities. Perhaps her most important hobby is catering to whims of her feline overlords: Warrior Princess Kitana Rumbleroar Squeakerbum and Baron Heinrich von Fuzzybottom. You can just call them Kitana & Henry; they’re not sticklers for formality.

Heeju Cho

Senior Coordinator,
People & Culture

Independent and optimistic, Heeju came to Canada with an adventurous spirit, learning a new language, culture, and meeting some awesome characters along the way! Originally from Korea, she specialized in HR and recruitment before moving to Toronto to further her education, going on to develop her management and people skills in the hospitality industry. She wanted to work for a company that understood the importance of people, and was drawn to LoKnow’s mission, values, and genuine care for employees. Mostly, however, she was drawn to our colourful logo. Fair enough.

A friendly and easygoing type, Heeju enjoys the simple pleasures of her morning coffee and going for walks—weather-permitting, of course; she’s not fond of the cold. Why she lives where she does is a mystery; perhaps the snowy setting reminds her of her dog, Gomsoon (Korean for “polar bear”) who, appropriately, looks like a polar bear.

Yusrah Hameed

Senior Coordinator,
People & Culture

Graduating from Thompson Rivers University with a diploma in Business Management Studies, Yusrah lives and breathes Human Resources. Naturally inclined to the realm of HR, Yusrah is energized by building connections with people, listening to their stories, and helping make their career dreams come true. As she works towards earning her CPHR designation, she’s proud to use her voice in the meantime to stand up for things she cares about, like representing her religion and advocating for human and animal rights. 

A believer in cherishing the small things in life, Yusrah finds joy in spending time with her family, sculpting snow forts and appreciating the beauty of nature. Her love of the outdoors has actually led her on a number of expeditions to places like Mecca, Medina, Cancun, and San Francisco, with her favourite place being the West Kootenay mountaintops with her snowboard in hand (or better yet, underfoot). On brand with loving the small things, Yusrah has an especially soft spot for her fluffy fostered feline Sonu, who also goes by many nicknames, including ‘Nomu’, ‘Stun’, ‘Goo’, ‘Kodak Black’ and ‘I already gave you a belly rub!’.

Jennifer McGowan

Marketing & Brand

With more than 12 years of experience, Jennifer lives and breathes all things marketing. Her educational arsenal includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Cultural Studies, as well as a post-grad in Advertising Management. She’s worked for multiple global media agencies, including the largest independent full-service agency in Canada. Some of her professional highlights include working on the first-ever digital campaigns for Tim Hortons, planning and buying media for the Canadian launch for Victoria’s Secret, and developing the media plan for the iconic ‘Meow Mix’ jingle. A Media Innovation Award Winner for her work on SVEDKA Vodka, Jennifer joins the LoKnow team after her latest role working on marketing and communications with the team at Dandelion Inc. 

When she’s not catering to the every need of her two year old, Jennifer enjoys trying her hand at every activity possible. You can find her unwinding by hitting the greens for a round of 18, soaking up the sun at a cottage, playing beach volleyball, or shredding the slopes. If you ask nicely, she might even tell you about her days as a radio DJ in university or how she got her Scuba Diving Certification.

Donnalee Riley

Marketing & Brand

Donnalee is a talented, optimistic firecracker. Hailing from a musical family, she’s a bona fide one-woman band: drums, vocals, sax, piano, guitar, clarinet—she plays them all! Although, her instrument of choice is the keyboard (the QWERTY kind), as she specializes in written communications with a strong background in Digital Marketing. Between her marvelous musical mastery and her capacity to compose quality copy consistently (say that 10 times fast), Donnalee literally brings both culture and communications to the C&C team!

In her off hours she runs a digital fashion magazine, doing everything from planning issues to onboarding volunteers all while keeping things generally organized. She loves exploring her crafty side and teaching herself new skills, whether it’s learning Spanish, baking macarons, or taking up a new instrument (what’s next? Tuba?). To decompress at the end of a long day, she likes to read, watch movies, or crush it at late-night karaoke!

Kara Wenz

Marketing & Brand

Florida-born and raised, Kara has practically toured all of Canada’s west coast, living in many of LoKnow’s office cities, like Vancouver, Saskatoon and Edmonton, and now Calgary! A customer service & outside sales pro, she’s worked the whole lot—from charming start-ups to giant conglomerates, including industries like craft beer and sustainable fashion. She’s been eager to break her talents into the graphic design world, and is now rock n’ rolling with our Marketing & Brand team!

Maybe it’s because she grew up by the beach, but it turns out Kara is part-mermaid. She loves being where the water is – whether she’s drifting down a river or diving into a lake, Kara finds sheer bliss. Funnily enough, she’s completely enamoured with Canada so far, despite ironically detesting the cold weather – so much so that she still takes her morning coffee iced! She’s got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, including her brand new Nintendo Switch which kept her company through the pandemic, along with the Gameboy Color that she will forever keep – wouldn’t you say her collection’s complete? 

And as you might have gathered, she loves to travel. In addition to beaches, you’ll find here anywhere with a cabin or mountain view, trying out different breweries on her excursions. 

Fun facts about Kara: she played collegiate level volleyball in her University years, and is proudly a member of #teamcatsanddogs, despite being a mama to two cats. She’s always ready to show pictures of her fluff muffins, Denali and 13-week-old Meeka – now we’re the ones asking for pics!

Ross Vincent - Specialist — Marketing & Brand

Ross Vincent

Marketing & Brand

You know that one person who can figure out how to do anything and then does it better than you? Ross is that guy, though he’d never say so himself. Focused and meticulous, with a dry sense of humour, Ross lives by the words of the great Macho Man Randy Savage too, “Do the thing, ooooh yeah!” A graduate of the University of Alberta with a degree in history, Ross honed his design skills as the Design and Production Editor at The Gateway newspaper, spending more time on his weekly comics than attending graduate classes. The devotion paid off as he went on to self-publish an e-book of his work in 2015. An avid pacer, graphic doodler, alpha cat, and wander-luster, Ross spent two months exploring the lands of his British and Irish ancestors in 2010, and a couple of weeks in Japan in 2015 only to discover that amidst a land rife with UNESCO World Heritage sites and natural splendour, the highlight of the trip was dinner theatre run by ninjas. At the office, Ross will sit for hours focused on his work, with the occasional guitar strumming or one-handed chin-ups breaks.

Ryan Ewanchuk

Marketing & Brand

Drumroll please! Meet Ryan: musician, designer and now a Specialist on our C&C team! A graphic design graduate from the Art Institute of Vancouver, Ryan has worked in a variety of design-adjacent industries, including working in a print shop, rotoscoping for a TV Pilot, and freelance graphic design. After taking a brief sabbatical to explore other pursuits, Ryan discovered LoKnow, which offered a role perfectly attuned to his interest in data management and his need to flex his creative muscles.

Ryan has been dancing to the beat of his own drum all his life. He’s expressed his creative side since the age of five, whether he was drawing his own Spider-Man comics or making home movies with his brothers and sisters. Today however, you’ll likely find him playing drums in his band, writing and recording songs at home, or adding to his vast vinyl record collection. Mastering instruments also happens to be Ryan’s forte — he’s proficient  on the drums, guitar, bass, and can even sing (but if you ask him in person, he’ll strongly deny it). When he’s not at band practice or adding a new instrument to his repertoire, he’ll likely be sharpening his drawing and painting skills. Though his goals include living a fruitful and meaningful life, he’ll also settle for the rockstar life!

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